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Drawing on management expertise of three decades Lanka Agro Processing (Pvt) Ltd are specialist processors of Red lentils sourced from the far corners of the world. Using state of the art swiss technology, our Buhler plant is the most modern of its kind in Sri Lanka. Fully automated to minimize the need for human contact in processing, we at Lanka Agro Processing deliver an extremely clean product of 0+0 sortex quality.

The plant is currently geared to produce an optimum of 150 metric tons daily.

Our main product line is Red Lentil. We also process a range of other dhals namely Yellow peas, Black Matpe, Tyson chick pea, toor and mung dhals.

Raw materials are sourced globally, from the United States, Canada, Australia and Miyanma, whilst final product is consistent with origin. We process Lentils in whole and split form in a natural state or polished state.

Our premier house brands are "Anchor", "Wheel" , “Kangaroo”; .

Serving the private trade, we are a quality supplier to the Government of Sri Lanka.


Reaching the greatest height of agriculture by incorporating advanced technologies, proper methodologies, Research and Development and there by achieving the new dimensions of agriculture.


Re progressing the drawbacks of existing agricultural and agro waste management techniques and replacing them with most possible methods by attaining the best productivity ratio of agriculture by utilizing the available resources effectively.


Lanka Agro Processing has well-provided in-house production facility, infused with state-of-the-art machinery with Switzerland technology, Fully Automated Factory. Manufacture Capacity 150M/T Per Day, We have also set up designing and quality-control departments which are administered by technically adept personnel.

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